Planning your Africa Safari
What Africa Offers
Africa is an immensely rewarding place to travel to, thanks to unspoilt natural surroundings, such as the wildlife and the spectacular landscapes. When on safari, you may see everything from snow capped mountains to forests and white tropical beaches, all in a day's travel- it's that diverse.

Where in Africa
Safaris began in Kenya and Tanzania and these are the best destinations for a safari. A kenya safari offers amazing diversity and superb wildlife viewing. Southern Africa, including Botswana, is a good location too, known as for the scenery and rich wildlife in natural surroundings.

Take the Time
A safari in Africa is in some ways like an expedition - exciting and adventurous, but requiring careful thought and planning , which is what we, as locally based tour operators, are there for..however you must plan for a leisurely pace of travel to truly enjoy your tour - so whether you have 3 days or 30, make sure you do not plan for too much in your travel.

Level of Comfort
Most of your safari will be in the " bush ", but this does not mean having to "rough it" - you can have all the luxury you want ! Africa is home to many internationally reputed hotels and lodges, with well appointed rooms, excellent cuisine and deluxe facilities such as bars and swimming pools. You can also fly between most places during your luxury safari.

Pick a good Travel Company
We are based in Kenya, with effective ground handling, thanks to our own fleet of vehicles, offices and staff, dealing directly with the hotels, lodges and park authorities. Without middle agents, you get better prices as well as quality. We serve clients from all over the world including UK, USA, Europe and Asia.

Africa Safari Planner : See our safari planning guide, to help with the basics of designing your trip, be it kenya travel ,a tanzania safari , beach vacation or an adventure holiday.
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